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Coming March 2022



A unique and transformational online experience using the very latest in constellation therapy and neuro linguistic programming to unlock your subconscious relationship with money for true financial freedom.
Delivered and guided in person by two of the UK's leading authorities in the field of money mindset transformation.
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Business experts globally agree that
the biggest challenge you face in business in 2022 is your MONEY MINDSET

Your MONEY MINDSET is the subconscious beliefs you hold about money and finance, many of which will be present from childhood, and these subconscious beliefs affect EVERYTHING in your life..

huge shifts in mindset can happen in a heartbeat

is a proven live, online experience through which two of the UK's leading financial mindset experts will guide you through a personal process dealing with your negative associations from the past, your blocks and assumptions of the present and planting the key subconscious seeds needed for a future of financial freedom


No Powerpoint, No Spreadsheets, No "Do this and you'll be rich" just a life changing experience that will unlock your relationship with money from the inside.

Such deep and transformational work can only happen in small groups so spaces are strictly limited. 

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